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price greatly understate
first knife)) is true for all the skins are now one knife to invite
Your service is very convenient, but it does not take some expensive items, such as a holographic sticker with Katowice 2015. Perhaps this is due to the instability of their low prices and the number of purchases per day. I propose to modify your system to such labels also accepted, because as we know, stickers after the end of tournaments, especially the first, are always getting more expensive over time, so they will be good demand
Easy exchange. Fast
It is very simple and intuitive website. I will sometimes use
Thank you very much traded cheap skin on a good weapon
Super. It turned out the first time
Excellent site, with no extra charge
Excellent site, I am very satisfied!
My God, how I hate one thing. Because someone at the site the influx of a lot of people. And when picking up a lot of things to a conclusion, that it takes time. During this time any person takes any one of those thing that I have chosen. As a result, this thing has no bot in the inventory and an error, such as Update inventory.
when I take one thing at once reflects with a bot, I took the skins and other shows only the bot how is it infuriates, CAN NOT CHANGE
I first changed the knife 130 bucks and the last one because the little bot skins assortment. and dial on a scrip is very difficult
The site begins to die, permanent errors, almost no real rules to bring an item (because of all the mistakes dismantled in seconds) ... with an equal exchange of write error, and if you shove item is 3 times more expensive, THEN FUCK WHAT WILL ALL OK, thank you for your time ... * used to be better ... Developed ceased to answer users' questions, ignore.
THANK site is very helpful as a reward?
I wanted to exchange for weapons to chose 500r 330r exchanged and then sunset and the rest no 170r, where they are! Help
I chose an hour things clicked trade and in the end nothing. had to refresh the page again now things are fucking typing just a bastard I am with your site faster at the site will bring it faster darn what would worked chiki bunches.
Thank you Everything is working
Well done. Not greedy site
Admins just scored. Do not answer the questions, fixes the problem. The site is buggy and does not cope with the influx clear. Although the video and went to work but it is impossible if a few more days like that dosvidos like many of my friends. The alternative is not enough. Admins and owners want money and customer good enough lad.
Thank you trade instantly comes bot inventory mozhnl watch
Great site. I had a question support promptly gave the answer
Cool site)) By means of it I earn my trades. Cs double closed (and other roulette). And then there is this site and saves me))) prosperity it ^ _ ^
I said that I was a novice in such trades and the site gave me 2 dollars. I took 2 keys! Thank you so much
Good luck. All the best
Thank you for your site, for a long time bargain on it and get a benefit. Even record your own video as a profitable exchange on this site - (Not advertising, I think many will be interested)
changed UMP flames on M4A1-S | golden spiral, the site was written a little reproach, a reproach and I slipped poteryad much as $ 2, that the garbage admins give me back my money !!!
I did not find my desired
I have long wanted to get rid of two M4A1 skins. Exchange them for a cool knife. URAAAA
Most good site for TradeThe best site !!
I do yourself a birthday present a new knife!
Hi guys ! Your site is a godsend for me. The proposal - if it is possible, we buy skis 10+ bucks as much as possible. I have 10 - 12 exchanges will do in the day (I bring clothes from 3 to $ 5). And you and I benefit a certain profit. It has long been waiting for such a site, even thought he stir, but a bit old for that already)) Good luck to you in the promotion of.
I wanted to make a return for KARAMBIT, but the site gives an error writing is not connected escrow but I have it connected. Locks are not. I do not know what to do (((very KARAMBIT want (and trust the site. Help if you can. Thank you for your attention (
I want to leave a good tip on a good site. I did not work nor how to use the site. I support promptly helped. And I was able to thank you. Have a nice development.
The site is very cool! Ak exchanged their other items.Trade comes quickly
The site very good, Help Desk is not responsible, persistent lags, bugs
Thank you for your service, is exchanged old semi-skins for 30-50 $ for a knife, lost only 1 $ It is a convenient service, instant exchange, in general, satisfied with :)
Bad site, I did not like. I did not understand that there needs to be done.
I do not want to do the first trade!
Better yet I found.
Top site ;)))))
Nice! =)
Garbage! = 0
Good work support very quickly returned my things back. Because I could not do anything to choose from proposed.
I don’t like the site. Some garbage
SITE Super Cool
Nope free skins! aaaaaaaaaaaaa